I was all tangled up with the series of cables connecting microcontroller units and embedded modules today morning while trying to understand the concepts of API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate a control unit into a network when suddenly on experiencing a glitch in a piece of code on which I have been working upon, I uttered unknowingly, ”Dude, Wtf is this shit ??’

To take a break and get some more caffeine concentration running in my nerves, when I got up to grab a cup of Cappuccino, I bumped across one of the many interesting geek webcomics which have been placed at random locations and notice boards in office premises. This one was quite interesting stating about the only valid measurement of a code quality.

So now I have set a measurement criterio to actually analyse the quality of my code. Coincidently ‘WTF’ has been getting a grip over me since yesterday when I noticed my manager wearing a black T-Shirt with the slogan ‘WTF ??’ !! I was quite surprised when I came across him wearing such such a T-Shirt in the office premises but straightaway I passed him a compliment : ‘ Nice T-Shirt Boss’ . He started laughing and replied, ‘When I bought this T-shirt I didn’t know actually what is the meaning of Wtf’ !!’ Are you kidding me ?? Atleast now this gives me freedom to wear my binary finger T-Shirt at work and say I know how to count only in decimals !!