I’ve been dreaming of the ambitions which I thought at some point of time were real; however they always turn out to be an illusion of my own dreams making them superficial. I’m clutching to the things what I had always strived upon; however they are always a consolation to my dreams never destined to be focused upon.

Do I think I’m ever going to find them? What the Hell; Grow up you Hypocrite, it’s running away from you since the time you have ever chased them. Have I ever sensed the boredom creeping into me evading me of my actual responsibilities? Well, the struggle within me has always secluded me to explore the infinite pool of unexplored numerous possibilities.

I have been caught into my own dark prison cell, what actually remains is just the struggle inside my own hell. Wake up and reach out for the things I’ve got to feel, as there is more to this world which is for real.

But what is that Dream that I’m chasing through? Have I ever wondered whether they will ever come true? Destiny, you have always casted shadows on my own action, building the coffin of my confidence to suffer it from its own suffocation. I always wondered if my actions could change the fate of my life, forgetting the true nature of this cruel world pushing me back through its horrific vibe.

As the spectrum of colors casted by the rainbow is always the sunshine escaping its way through dark clouds, my shadow tries to follow this escaping light, struggling through its way while winning over its own fight. Oh Dear Destiny, why have you left me so secluded, should I mercilessly believe that fate is the one which has always prided?

Every morning I wake up to a new dream, thinking the sunshine will cast a new impulse with its brighter beam. What seems is the nostalgia of my own haunting past; that screams waking me up to the known reality aghast.

Shout and Cry; utters my paining Heart which has bled to the agony of merciless phenomena of Life, taking me away from my own struggling self apart, however it’s never enough, as there is no limit to any rife.

I’m responsible for my own actions that I take for granted; the struggles caused are from the seeds which I myself planted. Oh Lord, I don’t want you to make this Life better, just give me strength to face this anguish which I can express through this open letter.