God must have been definitely a Painter. The exuberance and joy exhibited in the nature by the fall colors all around us and the chill of the light wind streaming through on a silent autumn night always inculcates this nostalgia. The gravity of the mood is supplemented by the gravity of the earth attracting the falling leaves from the trees. The colors of nature painted by the God radiates such vibrant sound waves that even the leaves of the trees start blushing and turning red. The falling leaves around exhibits an incredibly nostalgic feeling which demonstrates the significance of the annual cascade of autumn leaves. Fall colors are so intensified and beautiful that basically the nature is trying to saturate the gaps in the human lives with such exuberant colors so that we all can accumulate them for the approaching muted and grey winter days.

The changing colors of the corn fields, the distant vision of the mist covered mountains, the soft chill of the breeze blowing the leaves of the trees which seem to be a blossoming flower themselves, the park benches covered with various shades of nature, stroll on the cobbled pavement painted with the shades of red and yellow, the cold misty morning sunshine escaping its way through the window shade, an unknown phenomena of nostalgia and when feeling become harder to say in words define in true sense the beauty of Autumn. Chirping of the birds in the morning sun, a cover of mist over the flowing river and the call of the nature to live for the moment as if there is no tomorrow cannot be expressed into words, it’s just a sheer inner pleasure and peace imparting meaningful essence to our empty lives as if it’s this year’s last smile spreading joy and pleasure all around.