Agility is an ability to change the body’s position efficiently which requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance. When such characterstics of motion gets supplemented with velocity, it imparts the real thrust to one’s actual relative position. Recollecting my childhood memories, I always dreamt upon my collection of Sport Car models dreaming that one day…one day I might sit behind the wheels of the beastly machines speeding the throttle to the maximum limit and cruising through the unimaginable speed limits. It takes times to realize the realistic dreams as nothing is impossible when one’s aims and goals are oriented in the right direction with right perspectives in mind. The day arrived, an unforgettable moment when finally I got hold of a Porsche Panamera Sport E-Hybrid for a day.  A V6 Hybrid Engine rear wheel drive with a Combustion Engine (333 hp) and Electrical Machine (95 hp) providing the combined system power of 416 hp reaching 100 kmph in just 5 sec with top speed of 270 kmph.

German Autobahns are well-known across the globe for their no-limit speed zones and civilized and disciplined driving conditions among the citizens of the country. It would be quite ignorant not to cruise through the Autobahns on getting hold of a Sports Machine which can realize your dreams come true. When the sun set down with the Traffic curve reaching the lower segment of its Gaussian function curvature, I set out on the road to feel the vehicle dynamics through low-speed segment of the city roads before immersing myself into the feel of driving a Porsche. Once that feeling set in, the Direction SIgns directing me towards the Autobahn became too tempting to resist. The speedometer started rolling gradually on the Autobahn; however I was not noticing the speeds on my Speedometer as I was much focused on the traffic before the digits clocked 200 kmph on the IC within fraction of seconds. The adrenaline rush was too immense so the throttle was depressed to its max cruising limits before I clocked 250 kmph in the Sport Plus Driving Mode. It felt like a Blitzkrieg of lightning of the passing by cars leaving behind the tiny dots of flash lights vanishing in a flash of second to an invisible distance. Reaching back home late midnight after trying different profile of driving routes swinging between Electric Mode and Combustion Engine Mode to feel the Hybrid Power of the car, it was the moment to end an evening on an adventurous Note. Ah well, drifting was on the cards however due to rainy weather and wet road conditions, I considered to switch over to the Launch Control. Launching with the full throttle gave a sensation of seated myself in a cruising Jet moments before the takeoff touching the sky. Now, I could actually go to bed waiting for the dreams to take over the sensational evening experience.

It still feels like a dream, a reality implementation of cruising the Cars in Gran Tourismo on my PS3 Console. I could just go on to an infinite moment of time sitting behind those wheels and cruising to an unknown destination until forever. Porsche definitely stands up to its slogan ‘There is no Substitute’!! This blog article might sound naive to some of the readers who are already in this domain of work or have an experience of an adrenaline rush with such initiatives, however I always like to unleash the child within me when I come across such joyous moments or opportunities which are worth remembering or holding onto. Every tiny dream starts off with a vision in the mind imparting an impulse for a serious of actions from the basic foundation step leading to the exaggerating heights of unbounded desires of reaching a destination. Henceforth, it’s actually fair enough to hold on to such moments before one’s hope of eventually owning one of those beautiful machines gets realized in a real world, hopefully one day…hopefully!! Like stones rolling down the hill, achievable objectives and ideas eventually reach their destination despite all obstacles, hindrances and barriers.