Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards. What we are today are essentially the products of the past but we don’t have to be prisoners of our own past. The journey began 4 years back with ambitions in the eyes, dreams in the mind and waiting for some unpredictable yet challenging transitions for achieving success which was not a destination but a journey towards fulfillment of my own self. The question that has always remained unanswered and still shadows the clouds of doubts on the virtual psychic boundaries: Was it actually worth the risk of leaving a smooth going and luxurious set life behind and taking up new challenges for the betterment of unknown future?

Life is all about risks, calculates risks for a better future prospects and accepting realistic challenges which might lead through the path of unknown challenges casting troubles at every step. The pain gets elevated through the burden of enormous and countless responsibilities bounded by the edges of monetary, social, career and personal aspects. The risk was enormous as I was always pondered upon with the virtue of imparting meaning to the life given the fact that it is not the years in the life that counts, it’s always the life in those years that counts the most. Priorities and Preferences when analyzed get segregated into short and long-term goals. But are we really that crystal-clear over our goals, ambitions, responsibilities and priorities during an early stage of this transition when our thoughts are most vulnerable to the external forces of nature trying to change their natural course of direction? Let’s analyze few essential criterions which form the foundation of this risk analysis.

Language: Man’s ability and efficiency to work and perform comes from his capability to communicate things in a right perspective. The impression of one’s personality is through the way one presents himself in terms of his actions, body language, speaking abilities and understanding his surroundings and social elements. Self-confidence to achieve excellence in every segment of life is shattered when another Tom, Dick or Harry is entitled to those privileges what you deserved but due to linguistic barriers and shortcomings could not achieve. Does that make you a loser? Not exactly, actually it makes you stronger because success after failure and hard work on overcoming your past barriers tastes sweeter. One doesn’t need to achieve perfection, excellence normally suffices.

Self-Independence: Due to cultural diversity, adversity and habitual characteristics, we are programmed either to be self-dependent or rely on others to get our work and daily chores done. Molding into the realm of changing situations and surroundings, doesn’t do any harm, but makes one more global in the mindset. The human characteristics of laziness come secondary to the aspects of learning something new. Economic diversity constitutes towards one’s ability to learn to do things independently or being dependent.

Life: Having Life’s charm on your facial expressions what never gets boring. While walking down the busy streets buzzing with people all around, I have encountered people wearing their religion on their faces, businessmen their corporate ethics, IT evangelists the nerdy look, women their marital status and children their innocence. On the flip side, I have also struggled to encounter any people on the streets during weekend daylight, the one’s whom I have encountered have their faces blended with arrogance, egoism and ice-cold expressions. You never get tired to experience and blend so diversified facial expressions to understand human nature around you.

Live for the moment because if we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves!!