” Life it seems will fade away drifting further every day. Getting lost within myself nothing matters no one else…”

One of the reasons why some of the songs become so close to your soul and mind is because if you explore deep inside the meaning of it, there are connections being linked directly to the human life in general based on one’s real life experiences.  I am trying to develop and analogy of thoughts between such words and human life in general.

Every physical soul existing in this planet goes through the stages of depression and agony in life looking for solutions to set him free from all the troubles of life.  Some people try to run away from those hardships ultimately getting trapped at later stages again in the viscous circle of troubles circling them around and some try to fight hard and eliminate them from the roots setting themselves free to face new challenges with more determination, courage and self-confidence. During the time of hardships,  life just seems to drift away everyday tearing you apart and making you feel alone and lonely and you get lost in your own self.  What surrounds is the world of darkness having no ray of light towards any will to live further and you seek an end to eliminate all the troubles.

The human life follows a mathematical curve in “n” dimensional space having maximums and minimums at different intervals of time. There are several ups and downs in a continuous range of values defining the function of the curve of life.  But analyzing every point, each phase in this curve is a stage of instability which gradually lifts you up to a stable zone after an interval of tough time. During that stage emptiness fills into the soul to the point of agony and darkness takes over the dawn. The natural human self is lost in this transition which causes depression and human soul can’t stand the hell looking for alternative measures to rejuvenate the soul which is lost in the empty world of darkness.

The bottomline lies in the fact that it’s no one else but just you who can save your own self without losing any hopes with time and circumstances. There could be stages when you feel time gone past long back and no rays of hopes leaving you crippled with the lack of determination and courage to try to search the lost self. Yesterday might seem as it never existed and only possible alternative remains to say good-bye to the self-posed cruel world around. Human beings forget that their inner strength to face such hardships lies looking things from an optimistic point of view and living in the present leaving all the troubles behind, dreaming of a better sunny future awaiting. Like every season in nature has a new beginning, every tree sheds it’s leaves and get the new one’s bringing new colors to the nature around, in a similar perspective every human life passes through several seasons of dullness, depression with the sunshine waiting and bringing new colors and rays of hopes to the life.