“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life” – Beethoven

Is there any real meaning to “Music” ? Well, I would say “Yes” but if you ask me to define the true meaning of it, I would rather say “No”, it cannot be described, it can only be felt within. Some thoughts and expressions can neither be put into words nor kept into silence and those thoughts define Music as a whole entity in it’s purest form. Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it peace, heals the heart and makes it flow from heaven to the soul.

As quoted, words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel the feeling and a song makes you feel the thought. A human mind is the most powerful thought processing machine existing in this planet. The thoughts are shaped and developed over a long period of time and it has direct link to the notes of the music which one is linked to throughout his/her lifetime. Every individual has a different taste of music which throws a direct impression of one’s personality, character traits and behavior in real time. Music is an outburst of one’s soul. It is a universal language of mankind which every human knows how to speak, understand and think. A perfect way to end a day is to listen to the words which washes away all the pain and dust from one’s soul accumulated in everyday life.

I have come across several individuals over a period of time having a diversified interest in the field of Music and have realized that it’s the common mode to fill the infinity between any two distant souls. It doesn’t matter what genre of music one is linked to, what matters more how it is linked to his personality and how he feels the thoughts and gain the inner peace and happiness out of that feeling. Looking from a music compositors mind which is always lost in the deep ocean of silence, you can feel all the essential elements of this universe in it’s true from such as misery, happiness and sorrow while composing and framing your own words describing the world around you in the form of music.

There was a time when I used to wonder the craziness behind hanging your head like a mad person to the tunes of Metallica and Megadeath till the time I myself became the member of such a head banging community after realizing the essential and true feeling of happiness gained out of such craziness. Similar is the case with a rapper walking across a road or a doper lost in the ecstasy of Psychedelic Trance. Such are the thoughts which can take your soul closer to heaven and feel you forget the world around you. As observed, empty vessels make more noise, similar is the case with some hypocrites who tend to have a good music sense to be a part of a community of intellects and thoughtful souls around them but are generically termed as losers in the path of inner fulfillment. If you can’t feel the words, if you can’t implement the thoughts compiled from the words, you can’t fulfill the inner desire to achieve something in life beyond the reach of others as actions always speak louder than words.

Flipping through the pages of my own life, my hands start feeling the chords of the guitar with fingers moving across virtual frets by default while listening to the sounds of Led Zeppelin or GnR which travelling, my legs start tapping with the beats in accordance with the rhythm of the music plugged in my ears by my iPod and my thoughts start flowing in the direction of the composition of the song lost in a deep ocean. I consider a day to be auspicious if it opens with the chords from Pink Floyd and ends with the notes of Kurt Cobain, essentially my soul attaining the spirit of “Nirvana”. I have always visualized a world of “Moksha” from an artistic view when there is a dim lamp glowing on the table amidst the darkness around casting the shadow of my guitar pegs on the wall next to my bed giving me an inspiration for a new beginning and a new start to life. Under the influence of the thoughts and feelings imparted to my soul from the music around me late at night, I have always visualized myself a shining star among thousands of scattered stars in the moonlit sky above when the world around is deep asleep and is lost in the transition of their own thoughts.

Music is a god’s gift to man, the only art of heaven given to earth and the only art of earth which we take back to heaven.