You are born, you learn to crawl, you fall, rise and then you crawl again. After a while, you learn to walk and later you start to run. Life keeps on pacing and you have to keep running with time, no matter how many times you fall during the course of this race of life. During the whole phase, you come across different souls around you and it’s natural human characteristic to adapt itself to the surroundings around it and get influenced by the people around you.

Since I have begun to realize the importance of the people around me who matters to me the most and on the other hand who all have been source of negative energy in my path of success, I have tried to filter the virus out of myself which has been creeping in me for a long time now and draining out the positive energy from my soul. I have been influenced at times from many positive and influential souls which have been the idol for many, which actually is quite obvious because external motivation is the biggest source to strengthen one’s internal motivation. But at the same time, one side of your brain always tries to maintain a negative balance by bringing you closer to the people who in simple terms I term as “Assholes”.

I won’t particularly term and specify the list and category of Assholes who I have come across in my life till now, but I want to generically mention some of the character traits of such category of people and how they have influenced the course of movement in my life. I have fucked up things which were not meant to be and I was the sufferer of the consequences for obvious reasons. But over a course of time, I have learned how to identify such people, judge them with their behaviour and how worth they are. Moral values, traditions and upbringing, family and cultural values and society and neighbourhood are the major elements to shape one’s characters and behaviour in a nutshell. When I see some people around me here, I don’t feel angry, but now I feel pity and depressed about them that even though they keep on falling, they don’t learn from their mistakes, even they commit them at the cost of their own self-esteem. I used to blame myself and my fate initially which has got me to this position but now I take such situations and people as stepping stones and try to keep moving forward.

I simply hate people who are Hypocrites and have Egoistic attitude in life. Their pessimistic viewpoint towards every thing around them spreads the negative energy around the people. They just look for situations for their own benefit and bitch around with the closest friends. Such people never grow mentally in life and their personality development is close to null even though there is a beautiful world around them because of their narrow thinking and thoughts confined to some negative sources. Don’t pretend to be who you are not, just be yourself, no matter what the world thinks of you. I have encountered and been influenced for a while with such Assholes and I am proud to filter them out of my life now after realizing they are just born to be fucking dickheads and deserve no importance in life. The categorisation is solely based on the natural human traits rather than focus on any academic or extra-curricular fields of activities.

I don’t give a damn to what those Assholes think about me, if you try to show unnecessary attitude towards me, then just go and fuck yourself and shove your attitude up your own ass because I have better things to do in life rather than giving a thought to your fucking attitude. Grow up or else life will fuck you to the core and you would be lost in the darkness of your own soul not able to find the way out again.