This is an effort to explore deep within me and trying to analyze my own self. The thoughts and views are not dependent on any constraints and external influences but it’s an honest effort to analyze my strengths and rectify my weaknesses for a prospective future.

I am always boggled down under the vast ocean of thoughts pondering on the same question again and again and looking for the answer to “Who Am I”? Why I am so different from rest of the people and what makes me think so much about my own self at every stage of life has been a deep concern for me for a longer period of time. I am just one among every homo- sapiens born on this planet but still some forces of nature and thoughts make me feel that I stand apart from rest of the crowd. People call it ego; attitude, over-smartness but such adjectives don’t bother me as I am clear of my priorities and my own self and don’t need any suggestions from second person.

There have been times when I have been let down by other’s in personal, professional and academic fields. I have always tried to look into the failure from the optimistic point of view in search of my mistakes so that I can rectify them in future and should not commit the same mistakes again. I always believe in one motto, “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey”. A journey which can be described as an infinite path towards self-fulfillment and achieving your short-term goals which lead you towards your long-term goals on setting your priorities straight at every stage of life. Such principles are easy to lay down on words but practically implementing in the real domain is a challenge. Self-belief, Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence have been 3 major pillars on which I rest my self upon, and at every stage when I lose even one of the elements I deeply regret myself for every sin I commit.

While writing these words, I am asking myself, for whom actually I am doing so much of effort, what’s the significance of these words in the real world? Then I realize that some times the deep inner feelings once expressed in words make you feel better and high in confidence and help you to progress forward without any hurdles or past blockages.

This is just a beginning, a preface to the entire chapter of my life till now. I am going to go deep inside every chapter and lay down the foundation for a better future to come. I don’t give a damn to what the world and people think about me because at the end of the day, it’s essentially you for your own self which matters the most. People would measure your rate of success compared to other’s but to achieve real success in life, you have to beat your own records and lay the set-points as high as possible so that no other Tom,. Dick or Harry can come even closer to that threshold.