Once while walking under the bright sun, I noticed my shadow trying to follow the footsteps of others leading me nowhere but to an empty world of darkness. Suddenly I realized, it’s the external forces of nature which are directing my emotions and thoughts into an unknown path leading me to a wrong direction. At that moment, I decided to change the course of my movement and chose a way where I could control my own shadow without being influenced by others. It required extravagant will-power, desire to achieve one’s future goals, direction to reach the right destination and dedication to make it possible. Taking calculated risks and accepting realistic challenges makes life more exciting and explores the hidden possibilities of achieving success which is not a destination but a continuous journey towards fulfillment of one’s own self. I took some calculates risks, trusted my own self-confidence and keeping faith in god here I am, trying to recollect the past and compile them into words during present for a better future.

The subject of this blog might mislead the readers to the direction where I am trying to open pages from the last 4 months of my life in Germany. But I am trying to explore the hidden meanings behind this time period and understand the complex vocabulary of a sudden and drastic life transition from one phase to another because time is just a psychological state of mind which can be transversed whenever needed to bring it back to the right track.

Every homo sapien residing in this planet has certain priorities and preferences in life which are carefully analyzed and framed only when one’s short-term and long-term goals are clear in mind. Every step taken, every plan implemented takes the thoughts from the sub-conscious part of the mind which may look hazy for the moment but leads one to the right direction of life as expected if implemented carefully and practically. Each and every human action is subjected and influenced by various external disturbing forces trying to change the natural course of motion, but to neutralize those external forces and noise, in physical terms, one has to set his priorities straight, neglect the elements which look pleasing on a short-term but are actually a virus for a long-term and keep moving forward. Our present phase of life is subjectible to the above analogy of comparison and it depends on every individual on how to perceive the above thoughts and transform them into actions, because actions always speak louder than words. Life is like a pendulum oscillating between facts and expectations but the frequency of oscillation is always governed by external environmental forces and it’s us who are responsible to control these forces and impart the initial momentum and bring the swinging pendulum again back to its mean position. The deeper you go inside these words, the deeper you would go inside your own self exploring your present state of life and analyzing the circumstances which led you through all this way.

Thinking of the lines for concluding this abstract writing on one’s transition makes me wonder that there is actually no end to this, it’s just the beginning towards fulfillment of your goals and achieving greater heights of success in life. Remember, in the end it’s not the years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years which matters the most.